Michael Collier Photography
Michael Collier Photography

The Canadian Landscape, my vision.

About the photographer

Michael Collier is a Canadian landscape and nature photographer from Calgary Alberta . He has explored the Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia for many years and offers his own unique perspective of the landscape in this region. He is constantly looking for new photographic opportunities. He is amazed how the same landscape transforms to an entirely new one with the change of  light, season, weather or viewpoint.

The prairie of Western Canada has always intrigued him as well. Although not as dramatic as the mountains to the west, the prairie has a subtle beauty and charm all it's own. It is an area he  has always enjoyed exploring. 

Regardless of where he is shooting there is not much that will keep him from obtaining the image he is after. Whether it's bone chilling cold temperatures or having to trudge through a muddy mosquito infested bog, he is determined to get the exact vantage point and perspective he desires.

He incorporates various filters and techniques to maximize the potential of light and colors and exploit the nuances of seasonal change. 

His love for the wildlife of the prairie and Rockies spurs him to photograph them at every opportunity. He finds patience is a necessity but the reward of a beautiful wildlife portrait is well worth it. 

"I hope you enjoy my galleries. Feel free to contact me at collierm@shaw.ca  if you have any questions or just wish to drop a line."  

Michael Collier has been featured at National Geographic.com, Outdoor Photographer.com,  Canadian Geographic and also published in the Calgary Herald. He has been successful in numerous competitions.

All images can be purchased directly from this site.

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